Coexistence and Dedication are the fuel for Coffeebay

COFFEEBAY KOREA held their first 'Merchants' Meeting' on March 13th, 2018.

Although there are many changes happening in the franchise industry in South Korea, COFFEEBAY is still dedicated to coexist with our franchisees and employees. Our headquarters in Korea increased the minimum hourly wage and cut raw material costs by 37% by reducing the number items franchisees had to purchase.

COFFEEBAY Korea has never raised the price of coffee beans since launching in 2009. 

COFFEEBAY was founded with genuine goals with a genuine heart. We always want to provide the best quality service and quality taste at a reasonable price. We are a strong believer of mutually beneficial relationships, or win-win situations, for the headquarter, franchisees and merchants working with COFFEEBAY.  

We will continue to work with the Fair Trade Commission and dedicate our efforts in innovation to continue to grow to be the best Coffeebay we can be.


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